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Innovative Programs In Rajasthan

Department of Literacy, Rajasthan is constantly working towards the attainment of its goals and development of new plans, to bring out the illiterates into the literacy net. The various innovative and valuable initiations taken up in the field of literacy by the center have been recognized globally.

The innovative initiatives taken up by the Department are:

  • Inclusion of illiterate prisoners/Public Representatives/MGNREGA workers

Under this initiative department has started literacy classes for illiterate prisoners in jails, elected illiterate public representatives and MGNREGA illiterate workers at MGNREGA work sites. The mate teaches the illiterate workers which is supervised by the block coordinators and conducive.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Library

Under this initiative national level libraries will be established at every Lok Shiksha Kendra. The additional honorarium of Rs.500 to the conducive for maintenance of Mahatma Gandhi Library in Lok Shiksha Kendra will be provided.

  • Special Literacy Camps for Illiterate Women

Saakshar Bharat Program for illiterate women covers 31 districts of the State except Kota and Pratapgarh districts. So, in the view of this department organizes special literacy and vocational camps for illiterate women of Kota and Pratapgarh districts.

  • Mahila Shikshan Vihar

Mahila Shikshan Vihar are the residential schools up to 8th standard for the women in the age group of 15-35 who are divorcee, widow and deprived of educational opportunities. Along with basic literacy these women are also imparted vocational training for their being self-reliant and self-dependent.

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