Integrated Tribal Development Programme for tribal farmers in Tamil Nadu

Objectives of the scheme:

  • To control soil erosion in the lands of the tribals and to prevent land degradation.
  • To improve the productivity of the lands of tribals.
  • To improve the ground water potential.
  • To improve the socio economic status of tribal farmers.

Details of the works to be implemented under the scheme: 

  • Contour Bunding / Contour Stone Wall
  • Terrace Support Wall
  • Land Shaping
  • Pipe Laying
  • Irrigation Check Dams
  • Check Dams
  • Gabion Check Dams

Who are eligible: 

Land Owning Scheduled Tribal farmers in the following seven districts where the scheme is being implemented are eligible.

Works are executed in the lands of tribal farmers in the selected tribal areas with 100% grant.

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