ISRO targeting to launch one satellite every month

  • Speaking at a conference on ‘Remote Sensor and Satellite Communication’ sponsored by ISRO Mylswamy Annadurai, current Director of ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC), said that in comming days ISRO will be capable of launching at least one satellite every month.
  • He said currently 10 India satellite are revolving around earth in an effort to search for mineral resources underneath the surface
    Referring to Chandrayaan-1, he said that it is the 69th satellite launched towards the moon and is the first satellite to confirm the presence of traces of water in the moon.
  • He also added that India in its first attempt successfully reached Mars with indigenous and less expensive technology
  • He said at ISRO women are treated on par with men as long as they prove their potential and referred scientist Valarmathi, who has been awarded Abdul Kalam award by the Government of Tamil Nadu, as example

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