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Kanya Kelavani- An Initiative to Educate Girl Child in Gujarat

The Educated Girl Child Initiative was born out of a painful distress call as Women’s Education in Gujarat in 2001 stood on 20th Position with Literacy rate among Female with 48.1%. Hon’ble CM joined hands with all Government officers – IAS, IPS and other beauracrats, in a massive ‘Kanya Kelavani Rath’ and turned into a massive movement to face the challenge in 2009.

Government charts out plans to enroll 525,000 girls in the state in Kanya Kelavani drive. It covers 1,865 routes and as a result, 100% enrollment and reduction in the drop out rate from 40% to 2.29% is achieved. It foresees a vision 2010 that, when Gujarat celebrates its golden Jubilee, there should be a zero – ‘0’ percent drop out rate in Gujarat (Literally No Drop Outs).

Girl Child Education program is initiated in villages across Gujarat. It covers almost 18,000 villages esp. where the literacy rate is below 20 percent and focus on identified suburbs of the urban areas to spread the message of education.

The Government further envisage the Initiative to road ahead of success by making Jyoti-Gram and Broadband connectivity available in all villages. Also, Education would be one of the major sector in the Gram Mitra Yojna comprising of 5 Gram Mitra departments viz. Agriculture, Health, Education, Vikas (Development) and Human Development. (Gram Mitra Yojna is aimed to provide a boost to the social and economic structure of villages).

Education is power and the government is all set to transform the villages to illuminate with knowledge – information and awareness to bring a change in socio-economic drawbacks.


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