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Madhya Pradesh State Programs for Farmers’ Welfare and Development

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has initiated several programs for welfare and development of farmers in the state. Those programs have been discussed uhere under in brief.
Name of the Program:
Agriculture Extension Program
The farmers in the area will be updated in the agriculture research and its implementation by the agriculture extension workers. The workers will be trained and sent to the villages to enrich the knowledge of the farmers. They collect the problems of the farmers in the field and seek solutions from research scholars and help the farmers in implementing those solutions given by scientists. The working of the agriculture extension workers will be supervised by the agriculture extension officers and they guide the workers whenever they require such guidance. This is program of learn and advise. This program proved successful in the state.
Area of operation :
All 45 districts of the state.
Name of the Program :
Fertilizer Quality Control Program.
To test the quality of fertilizers used by farmers will be tested by the laboratories set up by the state in Bhopal, Jabalpur, Indore and Gwalior. These four laboratories will test the quality of fertilizers and certify those whose quality is good and reject the inferior fertilizers.
Name of the Program:
Seed Quality Control Program

Objective :
On the same lines of the above said program, state has established four seed quality testing laboratories to weed out low quality seeds and to make available high productive seeds to the farmers.
Similarly the state has launched some more programs like Fertilizer/Pestcides control program, Biogas development program and Surajdhara scheme and Annapurana scheme for state demonstration.

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