Madhya Pradesh Tourism Policy

To convert the state into complete tourist destination spot with a balanced socio-economic growth.

About the scheme
With the principle of “First Conservation Later Tourism” for Cultural Heritage, government aims to create an eco-tourism by providing amenities, hygiene, security and infrastructure for the tourists thereby promoting private investments in the state

To achieve the above said, government planned to develop
-> A database that can be used for research
-> A comprehensive feedback mechanism and
-> Basic infrastructure facilities like drinking water, power, hygiene and proper transport
-> Marketing plan to promote local cuisine, costumes, products, art, handicraft and heritage.
-> Co-ordination between various local bodies

Government granted the status of Industry for tourism and provided with subsidies & exemption on the construction of Hotels/resorts at selected destinations.

Benefits given by government under this scheme
-> Supply of 24X7 electricity at major tourist destinations.
-> Fast track clearance of projects through Single window facility
-> Redefine its commercial activities and play a major role in attracting private sector investment by acting as a facilitator.
-> Continue its responsibility to promote the tourism industry and tourist attractions of the
-> State, and not focus merely on marketing its commercial units.
-> Establishing a network and coordinating on regular basis with all the stake holders of the tourism industry and sort out all their problems.
-> The subsidy on license fee for liquor licenses that are currently available to the units of the MPSTDC shall also be made available to the units that are hereafter given on management contracts by the MPSTDC to private operators.
-> Promoting ‘week -end tourism’ by giving exemption for 5 years on Caravan buses.
-> New tourism projects shall be exempted from Entertainment Tax for 10 years on all such items of entertainment that are of permanent nature, and for 6 years on entertainment programmes which are temporary in nature. In addition the State Government may notify certain areas, other than special tourism zones, wherein there shall be a complete holiday from entertainment tax for a period of 10 years.
-> All new Heritage Hotel projects shall be exempted from paying Registration Fee and
Stamp Duty No Registration or Stamp Duty shall be payable on Government land being allotted by Tourism Department to private-sector investors for 90 years lease through the Land Bank bill.

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