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Malls, restaurants and shops may remain open 24/7: ET

Indian government is working on a law in consultation with various agencies and state governments that will enable malls, restaurants, theatres and local markets to remain open whole night – to level the playfield between online sellers and retailers.

According to ET, the labor ministry will hold the first round of tri-parties consultations with trade unions, employees and state representatives on Tuesday to understand the views on draft shop and Establishment Act prepared by the ministry. However, the model Central act won’t be binding on states; it will be advisory in nature.

Under the existing laws, shops are required to close on specific days of a week. Currently, shops and markets close before midnight and malls remain open till midnight for let go of late night movie goers.  The growing online retail industry that has seen an exponential growth in last four years, may have led the government to pursue to make a level playing field for the shop-retailers. Indian retail industry is growing at 15% and it will become a $1 trillion industry by 2020 if it keeps growing at this rate.

It may be great news for the young generation who loves night-life of cities.

Source: ET


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