Management of Fish Food in Rural Ponds

Objectives of the Scheme :
To develop awareness among the fish growers about use and importance of floating or non-floating formulated sea food to enhance the productivity of fish in rural ponds.

Coverage of the Scheme :
All districts in the State
Eligibility criteria for beneficiary and Rural ponds :
1. Individual who is a co-beneficiary in a group which is qualified for a rural pond irrespective of caste.
2. Eligibility for rural pond.

2.1 Eligibility basing on water availability. Ponds which are having long losting resource and water should be available even in mid summer months i.e. April and May of every year.
2.2 Eligibility basing on ownership.

1. All rural ponds under Gram Panchayat ownership.
2. Ponds made under Fish Farmer Development Agency scheme.
3. Fishing ponds made under Meenakshi Scheme.
4. Ponds made under other departmental scheme in which fishing is being undertaken under the plans and guidance of the Department of Fisheries.
5. Ponds of private sector in which fishing is being undertaken under the plans and guidance of the department of Fisheries.
6. All irrigation reservoirs and short seasonal ponds in which water does not dry before the month of March – April.

3. Eligibility of rural ponds on the basis of water area.

3.1 Perennial and Small rural ponds where water area is blow 0.2 hectares are not eligible to cover under this scheme .
Very big rural ponds whose extent is more than 10.00 hectare water area will not be included in the plan. Priority will be given to perennial ponds in selection.
3.2 Long seasonal rural ponds
small rural ponds of minimum 4.0 hectare waters will not be included in the plan.
Large rural ponds of maximum 5.0 hectare waters will not be included in the plan.

Duration of Training :
1. Initially one day training will be given to the selected candidates about to use fish food to increase productivity, before commencing use of fish food.
2. Second training (Pre Harvest Training) will be given during use of fish food, in which they wiil be trained about growth of fishes by using organic and inorganic fertilizers.
3. Third training (Post Harvest Training) about growth of fishes and use of fish net
4. Providing necessary technical guidance is the responsibility of the Block level officer of the department.

Amount of Grant:
The grant is provided as ” Fish Foods”, in which –
1. Financial assistance up to 90% of the Unit cost i.e. Rs. 45,000/- at the rate per hectare as one time assistance per beneficiary..
2. 10% of the Unit cost i.e. Rs. 5,000/- per hectare shall be borne by the beneficiary. Fish Food worth Rs. 50,000/- will be provided by District Office of M.P. Agro.
Other Information
The applicant has to produce an affidavit stating that he will deposit 10% of the cost of project on selection with department of Madhya Pradesh Agro on receiving instructions from the Director of Department of Fisheries with in the stipulated time.
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