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Mini Grid Policy: Uttar Pradesh Government

Uttar Pradesh has plenty of Solar Energy and Biomass Energy. State government promotes the use of these cleaner and sustainable fuels. There are approximately 2 Crore homes that have no access to electricity. State Government aims to connect them via Mini Grid.  This can be made possible by proper execution. The key features of this policy are enlisted below:


  • To promote clean and green energy in state by use of Solar Energy, Biomass and Biogas Energy.
  • To increase the investment in renewable sources of energy by the private sector.
  • To supply electricity to the 2 crore houses of state which are not having electricity now..
  • Aware the people about environmental importance
  • Increasing the local employment and skill development
  • To promote the locate manufacturing units and economic development of backward communities
  • Use of new technology and effective management skills in the state
  • Development of long electricity cables for development of rural places.
  • To provide the people clean and sustainable electricity.
  • Reduce the dependency and use of fossil fuels.

Operational Area:

The Policy will focus on the areas which are deprived of electricity. The areas which don’t have the access to the electricity will be joined by the mini grid plans.

Period of Operation:

                This Mini Grid Plan is valid for 10 years and it will be amended whenever needed.

Nodal Agency: Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency

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