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Ministry of Human Resource Development: Vidhyanjali Yojana 2016

Vidyanjali Yojana, for the development of education sector has been launched today by Minister of Human Resource Development “Smriti Zubin Irani”. In the first phase, this scheme will be implemented in 210 government schools and numbers will be increased gradually. Under Vidyanjali Scheme, any person who has potential to teach something new from any field can join any government school for overall development of students.

Vidyanjali Yojana 2016: Aim

The main aim of this scheme is to deliver best teaching experience to small kids with involvement of some activities. To keep them updated with the new things happening around the world, to provide them such an environment, that they will take education as fun and not as burden.
To develop new skills in students, almost 20 States have agreed to implement this scheme in all government schools. This will provide some edge to the down falling graph of education of the country.

Vidyanjali Yojana: Skills to be Targeted:

  1. Health care
  2. Entertainment and sports
  3. Yoga techniques
  4. Cleanliness programs
  5. Art, Craft and Singing skills
  6. Extra classes for subject related topics

Vidyanjali Yojana: Eligibility  

This scheme is open for all professionals, Retired Engineers or any retired person, House wives, etc. of any age group who wish to serve for the country by transferring their talent and skills to children.

Vidyanjali Yojana: Vantages

All such social workers, if they wish to serve on regular mode under this scheme will get some benefits and this will not affect the working of permanent teachers in classroom study.

Vidhyanjali Yojana: How to Apply

Step – 1

In order to apply online for being a part of Scheme – Vidyanjali Yojana 2016 you have to log on to the link –

Step – 2

Here you can fill your online application form to join Vidyanjali Yojana to the concerned government School. In reply to your application, school will contact you.

Step – 3

However, if you are ready to serve on regular basis, schools will have the option to make you permanent for future services.

Keep Checking this place for Further Info.

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  1. I am a retired person from MP Government. My career was started as the lecturer in private college. I want to register for vidhyanjali Yojna, on the site I cannot register, I can’t see the form. Please provide me the link so I can contribute my thoughts to the students.

  2. I want to join in jila lalitpur place talbhet kathbar primry school. But I coundt find your online form. I want to be regular. Edu-ma.bed and b.miss in vocal ,for a good craft teacher.I want not a more salry only convence provied me.I want to no money it’s only my favourite job for me. It’s very nice scheme for poor student becoz they are needy for extra activity. Thanx smirti h so good thought I r a nice

  3. I have tried registering myself but somehow couldn’t get through the link.. can you help me in sharing the link for retired govt. officials to register themselves for teaching. Thanks…

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