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Ministry of Tourism launches Swachh Paryatan Mobile App

In a bid to help ‘mango man’ or the common people to talk about their grievances about untidy/dirty area or garbage piled up near tourist attractions, the central government has launched a mobile app called ‘Swachh Paryatan’.

  • The Ministry of Tourism said the Swachh Paryatan app is available for Android Phones and will soon be applicable on Apple and Microsoft mobiles as well. The application will be monitored by the Project Monitoring Unit of Swachh Bharat Mission under the Tourism Ministry.
  • It is reported that at first, only 25 Adarsh Smarak Monuments like Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Elephanta Caves, Qutub Minar Complex etc. were selected to be included in the application but now it is expected that more monuments will be included as the campaign expands.
  • An individual can upload a photograph of any unclean place or garbage at any monument in the app which in turn sends an SMS to the ASI Nodal Officer responsible for the monument. After receiving the SMS the Nodal Officer will let the garbage be removed. The Officer then sends a confirmation message to the citizen that his/her complaint has been answered.

(Source: The Hindu Business Line)

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