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Multiplier Grant Scheme-A government start-up for Youth

Over 50 startup programmes have been created by the Indian government to aid the country’s startup mission. The Multiplier Grant Scheme was established to promote industries by partnering with cutting-edge academic and government research and development organisations that are involved in the development of goods and packages. MGS intends to promote product and packaging development collaboration between industry and academics/research institutes. Under the initiative, if industry contributes to R&D for the creation of items that can be commercialised at the institution level, the government will match the amount contributed by industry. Industry and institutions must submit combined proposals for financial assistance under the scheme.

The scheme’s objectives are as follows:

  • Establish, nurture, and strengthen links between industry and research institutes;
  • To encourage institutes to do industry-oriented research and development;
  • Encourage and speed up the development of indigenous goods and services; and
  • Close the gap between R&D and commercialization / Proof-of-concept

The Multiplier Grants Program’s Advantages

The following are the benefits that the Indian government anticipates from the Multiplier Grants Scheme:

  • Academic and government research labs would focus on market-oriented research. Additionally, this would increase the importance of education and training in meeting market demands. The industry’s ability to mobilise technological know-how and capabilities would be enhanced.
  • The sector would be able to respond quickly to market demands in terms of cost-competitive indigenous new products.
  • Incentives such as royalty sharing could help universities and government R&D labs recruit and retain talented staff.
  • A surge in the number of entrepreneurs may result from close collaboration between industry, academia, and R&D labs.

Eligibility for the Scheme of Multiplier Grants Scheme

  • Industrial, industry consortiums, and academic institution(s) or R&D agencies doing industry-specific research should come up with the proposal for collaborative research. In conjunction with industry, these R&D labs will submit a project proposal to MeitY under the MGS initiative.
  • E&IT innovation in modules, goods, packages, or services should be the focus of the application. The MGS may also be used to evaluate projects that incorporate prototypes and packaging for commercialization.
  • Under the Multiplier Grants Scheme, the application should be focused on the industry’s primary business.
  • In the indicated field, the chosen institute or project investigator should have the requisite abilities and experience. The R&D capabilities of institutions engaging in joint research under MGS will be assessed by such scientists. The following variables affecting the investigators must be considered:
  1.  The number of professional courses offered (B.Tech, M.Tech, PhD);
  2.   Previous research work/projects done
  3.  The number of papers published;
  4.  Any industry collaboration; and
  5.  The institution’s existence for at least 5 years.
  • The outcome for the proposed invention must be technically and financially viable. Market research data for the modules, goods, packages, and services to be created should be included in all submissions.
  • The industry should have the necessary i) personnel for technology adoption; and ii) infrastructure for in-house manufacturing or specific plans to obtain it from elsewhere. A WG subcommittee may be constituted if necessary to determine the industry’s viewpoint.

Initiation Procedure-

It is vital to examine the following to determine the R&D capabilities of universities participating in collaborative research under MGS:

  • They conduct professional courses at the ICTE level (B.Tech/M.Tech/PhD).
  • Previous research/projects completed
  • The total number of papers published.
  • Collaboration with industry, if they have any
  • The institution should have been in operation minimum for 5 years.

How to apply for Multiplier Grant Scheme-

The Multiplier Grant Scheme application process is as follows:

  • Create an account at
  • Look for Multipliers; the Multiplier Fund will be utilised to produce new inventive goods that will provide job possibilities for Indian youth.
  • The Multiplier Grant Scheme application process is as follows:
  1. I create an account on
  2. search for multipliers
  3. apply online.

For further information, contact;

Dr. A.K. Garg

Scientist “F” / Director

Innovation & IPR Division

Government of India.

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