National Leprosy Eradication Scheme: Bihar Government

This scheme is central government sponsored scheme. The Medicines provided by the World Health Organisation are distributed among the affected persons. Leprosy is an infectious disease which is caused by Micro Bacterium Lepri. Under this scheme, Patients are provided treatment for 6 to 12 months in the initial phase of disease which can cure the disease. If the patient is identified in the initial phase, the treatment of disease is easy.


  • All District Level Government Hospitals of State provide identification and diagnosis of Leprosy on all working days.
  • Patients are distributed free medicine (MDT) provided by WHO.
  • Asha Workers are provided financial assistance for identification and diagnosis of Leprosy Patients.
  • Free Microcellular Rubber Footwear for safety of feet.
  • Compensation of Rs. 5000 on loss of daily wages.

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