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National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF)

Fluorosis, a public health problem is caused by excess intake of fluoride through drinking water/food products/industrial emission over a long period. It results in major health disorders like dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis and non-skeletal fluorosis.

With an aim to prevent and control Fluorosis cases, Government of India initiated the National Programme for Prevention and Control of Fluorosis (NPPCF) as a new health initiative in 2008-09. During the 11th Plan 100 districts from 17 States were identified for programme implementation. During the 12th Five Year Plan period it is proposed to add another 95 districts for prevention and control of fluorosis. In the 12th Plan the programme has been brought under the NCD Flexi-pool of National Health Mission (NHM).

Goal and Objectives:

  • To collect, assess and use the baseline survey data of fluorosis of Ministry of Drinking Water Supply for starting the project;
  • Comprehensive management of fluorosis in the selected areas;
  • Capacity building for prevention, diagnosis and management of fluorosis cases.


  • Surveillance
  • Capacity Building
  • Diagnostic Facilities
  • Health Education
  • Management of Fluorosis Cases

Types of Benefits:

  • Awareness about fluorosis and its effects
  • Measures to prevent it
  • Diagnostic facilities
  • Management and rehabilitation of fluorosis cases

Funding Pattern of Scheme:

Centre will bear 75% of the total budget and the State Government will contribute 25% of the budget.  In case of North Easrtern States it will be 90% and 10% respectively.


All people residing in areas with high fluoride content in drinking water in the districts covered so far under the programme.

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