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North-East’s First ‘Smart Village’ in Assam is ready

A remote village in Assam near the Indo-Bhutan border which for many years have been severely damaged by repeated insurgencies has earned the prestigious name of being North-East India’s first smart village.

  • Barsimaluguri, the village is about 11 km away from Indo-Bhutan border and has turned into a smart village with 100% sanitation facilities, solar power and pure drinking water along with few other initiatives taken by some individuals under the umbrella of Nanda Talukdar Foundation (NTF).
  • NTF secretary Mr. Mrinal Talukdar said that there are more than 20,000 villages in Assam alone where numerous government’s schemes are implemented but not a single one has so far been transformed into a smart village.
  • He also said that they focused on four main areas such as alternative energy, drinking water, sanitation and skill development as well as other factors like health, better educational facilities, playgrounds and establishing a yarn bank.
  • The work first began on January 15th, 2015 and the first step in the direction was to set up a model village working committee. Barsimluguri is a village of 234 households of farmers along with small traders and daily wage earners.

(Source: ET)

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