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Odyssey Traveler Scholarships started for lower socio-economic background’s student

Humans have always been accustomed to traveling. Since the beginning of time, living a nomadic lifestyle as hunters and gatherers has been embedded in our genes. The concept of travel has been overly romanticised over time in an effort to capture the perfect moment to post on social media for all to see. Following the fad has caused us to lose sight of travel’s true purpose, which is to explore, discover, and establish connections with the natural world.

Shoshin Tribe, a travel start-up, launched Odyssey Travel Scholarship 2022 in collaboration with goSTOPS, a chain of backpacker hostels, to remind people of what travel really means for and raise awareness by highlighting stories on sustainable and responsible travel in India. Six people from various walks of life were chosen as recipients of this one-of-a-kind, fully-funded travel fellowship in order to feed their souls through travel in its purest form.

Odyssey has been giving university students $10,000 Equity & Merit Cash Scholarships each year since 2012. Scholarships from Odyssey are given out in accordance with candidates’ academic standing and evidence of their financial needs. There is no cap on the number of scholarships that can be given per year, but there is a minimum requirement that must be met in order to be considered.

We have suspended applications for 2022 in light of our second very challenging year as a travel agency.

The application period for 2023 will begin in late September 2022. The deadline is Friday, January 20, 2023. The recipients will get a personal notice on or about February 28, 2023.

Since 2012, Odyssey Traveller has provided the most thorough educational programs in Australia and New Zealand. These programs offer global experiences for mature travelers who want to combine their love of travel with a thirst for knowledge. Odyssey is dedicated to humanitarian endeavors that assist the environment and cultural growth of communities in Australia and New Zealand.

In 2023 eligible applicants will be required to provide the following:

  • A copy of their academic record
  • A brief (500-word) statement for why they ought to be given a grant.
  • A letter of support from an academic acquainted with their work
  • Proof of eligibility for an allowance for AUSTUDY or ABSTUDY (or NZ equivalent).

The following are the requirements and conditions:

  • Candidates must have successfully finished their first academic year.
  • The distribution of awards will be determined by a means test and academic merit.
  • Australian and New Zealand students may apply for the grant.
  • Recipients must be enrolled full-time and earn passing grades each semester in order to receive payments.
  • One (1) year is the duration of the scholarship.
  • The chosen candidate must write a brief essay on how the scholarship affected their time in

Applications should be submitted to [email protected]. by Friday 20th January 2023.

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