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Oil Palm Development Programme (OPDP)

OPDP was launched during 1991- 92 under the “Technology Mission on Oilseeds and Pulses” (TMOP) with a focus on area expansion in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Orissa, Gujarat and Goa.

From 2004-05 onwards, the scheme is being implemented as part of the “Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Pulses, Oil Palm & Maize” (ISOPOM). Under ISOPOM, support is provided for planting material, cultivation cost, installation of drip irrigation system, diesel pump sets, training, development of waste land and technology transfer through demonstration and publicity.


A special initiative is being undertaken under RKVY during 2011-12 for implementation of a Special Programme on Oil Palm Area Expansion (OPAE) in order to augment the production of palm oil by 2.5 to 3.00 lakh tonnes in the next 5 years.

Oil Palm Area Expansion (OPAE) Programme:

In order to bring 60000 hectares area under oil palm cultivation during 2011-12, it is proposed to provide incentives to growers for identified critical interventions viz; planting material, compensation for loss of income of the farmers during the gestation period, pump set, drip irrigation system, support for intercropping, vermi-compost pit, bore wells/water harvesting tanks/fertigation tanks, PP chemicals/INM/IPM/fertigation/tree guards etc. The States may also dovetail these components with other interventions under ISOPOM and other schemes for wasteland development, creation of irrigation facilities, publicity, contingency, etc.

Subsidy for for setting up Oil Palm mill:

It is proposed to provide subsidy to entrepreneurs @ 50% of the cost of plant and equipment limited to Rs.250.00 lakh per unit of 5 MT/hr FFBs capacity through the State Department of Agriculture. This step will encourage the farmers of potential States to take up oil palm cultivation.

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