PM Modi’s e-visit to Cubbon Park police station, Bengalure


  • Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) is government ambitious project for smart policing and digital India
  • On August 26th,2015 PM Narendra Modi will check through the status of activities in Cubbon Park police station in the Bengaluru City
  • CCTNS is initiated in June 2009 as an integrated system in order to increase the efficiency at the police stations through e-governance model and IT enabled network to investigate crime and to track criminals.
  • 3 police stations are chosen by PM Narendra Modi one from Uttar Pradesh , Assam and Bengaluru.
  • Under the CCTNS scheme Rs 72 crores are granted to Karnataka , of which HP Software received Rs 50 crore for maintaining the CCTNS, in the State and BSNL received Rs 10 crore for providing communication services.

Source: ET

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