PM’s Agendas for Digital India

  • PM has requested all the intellectuals to take active part in his three pet subjects i.e. Digital India, Smart Cities and Make in India.
    He quoted 14 steps to reach the goal ‘ Digital India’
  • He said his government is efficiently and transparently working , especially in implementing and monitoring poverty elimination programs and using internet and mobile.
  • He also pointed that the life style of the people got changed when compared to previous decades.They are connected basing on human values but not on identities by social networking sites such a face book, twitter etc…
  • He said that government have plans to make availability of free Wi-Fi not only in airports but available in railway stations and other places too with the help of Google
  • He also appreciated Google in providing update information to people irrespective of faculty
    He expressed his happiness for the speed at which M-governance is growing


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