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Policy For Approval of various programmes on Environmental Issues under EPCO

Key Objectives:

Madhya Pradesh Government has introduced this policy for following purposes:

  • To promote environment awareness programmes/training through existing educational institutions/schools/colleges/scientific/research/universities among all sections of society.
  • To spread environment training, especially in the non-formal system among different sections of the society.
  • To facilitate development of training materials and aids in the formal education sector.
  • To mobilize people’s participation for preservation and conservation of environment.


  • Any recognized academic/research institution or Government Organization/undertaking having at least 3 years experience of working in environment related subjects.
  • The voluntary / professional Organization/ Trust should be registered in Madhya Pradesh since last 3 years under relevant statutes and its audits & accounts regularly from the date of application in EPCO.
  • The applicant organization should not have been black listed by any Govt. Organization/Institution.
  • Memorandum of Association should permit the organisation to undertake the proposed event.
  • If the participating organization fails to give the UC, Statement of Expenditure and Activity Report to EPCO then the organization would not be eligible for grant under the scheme in future. 

Benefits & Assistance:

Financial assistance is only for organizational expenses (excluding hospitality) of the proposed event and not for capital items like construction, equipment, automation etc.

Following are the stipulated amounts for the various categories of events:

Sr. No. Category Amount
1. District Level Event Maximum Rs. 1,00,000
2. State Level Event Maximum Rs. 2,00,000
3. National Level Event Maximum Rs. 5,00,000
4. International Level Event Maximum Rs. 10,00,000


How to Apply:

The prescribed application form can be either obtained from the EPCO or down loaded from EPCO’s Web Site

For more information: Click Here

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