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Potato Policy: Uttar Pradesh Government

Uttar Pradesh Potato Development Policy-2014 aims at creating favourable atmosphere for establishment of infrastructure facilities, capital investment and technology up gradation promotion, human resource development, market development, research and development promotion, quality and certification to ensure an increase in income through this main cash crop and ensuring availability of remunerative prices to the farmers, processors, consumers and other stakeholders.


  • Production of quality potato seed for potato cultivation.
  • Promotion of quality potato production.
  • Promotion of latest technologies for potato production.
  • Ensuring sufficient storage facilities for seed and table potato in the state.
  • Promotion of potato based processing industries.
  • Transfer of scientific production technologies to the farmers and capacity
  • To encourage marketing/export of potato outside the state.

Key Areas of Focus:

  • Production of quality potatoes will be based on the supply of high quality seeds to the farmers. The foundation seeds are produced on government farms. Seed Production will be promoted in the major potato producing areas to facilitate the establishment of potato based processing industries.
  • Enhancement of productivity and quality of potato with the use of new technologies and scientific methods.
  • Mechanisation and micro irrigation techniques like sprinkler and drip systems will be promoted to reduce the labour cost to encourage automation and increase in productivity.
  • Marketing strategies for the 25% of potatoes for selling to other states, left after consumption within the state.
  • Training programmes/seminars will be organised at block, district and state level to ensure smooth transfer of the scientific methods and latest technologies to the farmers relating to production, storage and marketing.

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