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Promotional Schemes of RMFDCC: Rajasthan Government

Rajasthan Minority Finance & Development Co-Operative Corporation has launched various welfare schemes for the minority population of the state. The schemes and their key features are enlisted below:

  1. Vocational Training Scheme:

Vocational Training Scheme of state government focuses on imparting skills to the beneficiaries leading to self-employment. The scheme is implemented by various channelizing agencies present in the state.


  • Free Training for 6 months and stipend of Rs. 1000 per month to each trainee.
  1. Marketing Assistance Scheme for Craft Persons:

To promote artefacts of artisans and crafts persons, marketing and sale of their products at remunerative prices is necessary. Exhibitions are organised in which handlooms/handicrafts of minority crafts person are exhibited and sold. These exhibitions serve the purpose of buyer seller meet which is useful for product development and market promotion.


  • Travel and Daily allowances for the participants of the exhibitions
  • Free stalls without any charges for the two-week exhibition.
  1. Assistance for Design Development/Skill Upgradations:

In the transition world, perceptions of people are changing, likings and tastes are changing rapidly. Therefore, the handloom & handicraft items, produced by the artisans and craft persons have to be in line with the latest designs and aesthetics as well as competitive in terms of cost. Crafts person may require learn new designs and skills to meet these changes. These trainings will be organised after approval of program from NMFDC.

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