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PSU’s and Government will Share the Recruitment Exam Scores with Private Employers

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his speech at Bloomberg India Economic Forum said that the government and PSU’s will share their recruitment exam results with employers belonging to private sector.
  • As Private colleges are using the results of exams conducted by government for their admissions into college, Private Sector Employers can also access the database of recruitment exams conducted by government as one of the scrutiny mechanism.
  • This step will help in reducing the labour search cost and time for both employer and employee, thereby providing better matching of candidates from all the regions of the country.
  • Modi also said that governemt took two major reforms to improve the higher education standards
  • First one is to extend its hand for 10 public and 10 private sector institutions to become a world-class teaching and research institutions, with a different regulatory structure like UGC and AICTE
  • Access to world-class education for ordinary Indian will be the second Steps by the government to improve the higher education.

Source:- India Today


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