Public Accounts Committee (PAC) insists on rigorous internal audit system in ministry of external affairs

  • PAC expressed its dissatisfied with the MEA’s (Ministry of External Affairs) internal audit system
  • This committee is examining the global estate management by Ministry.
  • It pointed out that there is irregular expenditure incurred by foreign missions and officially MEA’s is responsible to take action against them, in which it failed
  • The Public Accounts Committee has taken a serious view of management of India’s foreign missions and lack of an internal audit system in the ministry of external affairs.
  • An audit report showed that the expenditure incurred in the four missions of Panama City, Houston, Vancouver and Chile is beyond delegated authority, action had been initiated against officials of Vancouver mission only.
  • The panel pointed out that MEA purchased unsuitable building for Indian Cultural Centre in Paris for 30.03 crore despite being advised by architects that it was not suitable.
  • A committee member said that this state of affairs should be notified to the government

Source: ET

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