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Punjab Livestock Breeding Policy

Animal and Husbandry Department, Punjab Govt. has introduced the Livestock Breeding Policy to promote breeding and development of livestock especially in Cattle and Buffaloes in the State as under.


  • To undertake systematic improvement of dairy cattle and buffaloes.
  • To undertake systematic bull production and evaluation program so as to improve the productivity of dairy cows and buffaloes.
  • To regulate the use of bulls/semen to improve productivity and to check transmission of diseases.
  • To motivate the farmers to rear high yielding animals and participate in breed improvement program.
  • Conservation and improvement of Nili Ravi buffalo and Sahiwal cattle breeds.

Main Highlights of the Policy:

  • The registration of all the bulls (as per the livestock Improvement Act, 1953) to be used in the state by any organization/individuals will be mandatory.
  • Institutional farms may produce pure bred exotic for bull production.
  • The cows in the sub mountainous Kandi and region having limited fodder resources will be improved by using Jersey.
  • The Murrah buffaloes will be bred with Murrah bulls only.
  • The Nili Ravi buffaloes will be bred with Nili Ravi bulls only.
  • After registration in the directory, the owner of elite animal will be given a certificate with detailed particulars of the animal.
  • Bull calves produced from elite animals will be purchased on approved rates depending upon the age of calf, milk yield of dam, sire index and other breed characteristics.
  • Adequate infrastructure of animal registration and data recording will be developed for effective implementation of progeny testing programme with the active participation of the farmers, their SHG’s and Cattle/Buffalo Breeders’ Association.
  • Cattle/Buffalo Breeders’ Association will be adequately equipped to assist in the implementation of such programmes with the technical support of the Veterinary University/DAH.
  • Incentives will be given to owners of the elite animals depending upon the level of production to check the exodus of such animals from the state.
  • Some incentive/honorarium shall also be given to Veterinary staff or the identification, registration and recording the elite animals and procurement of bull calves from the farmers.

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