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Rail Insurance Cover upto Rs.10 Lacs: Absolutely Free for you now!

[tii_pullquote]“In the age of Information, Ignorance can be a costly Affair” [/tii_pullquote]

Indian Railways came up with a scheme of accident travel Insurance cover in September with bumper benefits upto Rs. 10 lacs.

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We heard couple of news about accidents of derailing trains in past month. There were so many victims in these accidents who were not aware of this Centrally sponsored Insurance scheme. Because of ignorance, many passengers didn’t apply for this scheme and hence were not eligible for their claim of insurance benefits. 

That’s why this Video will explain you the benefits offered by the IRCTC under this scheme in just one minute.

To Boost Digital Payments, recently Indian Govt made this scheme absolutely free if you book your railway ticket online.

So next time don’t forget to apply for Travel insurance Cover while booking for your train ticket online.

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