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Railway launches mobile app for paperless unreserved tickets


  • Moving ahead in line with digital India, railways today launched mobile application for paperless unreserved tickets.
  • Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu introduced from here the mobile app for paperless unreserved ticketing for commuters in Egmore and Tambram suburban sections in Chennai under Southern Railway zone.
  • It was a budget proposal to provide paperless tickets in unreserved segment.
  • On a pilot basis, the paperless ticketing system in unreserved segment will cover 15 stations in the suburban section of Southern Railway.
  • Railways plan to extend the paperless service in suburban section in all metros.
  • CRIS role in making the system operational in the shortest possible time has been appreciated and announced a reward of Rs 4 lakh has also been announced to the organisation.


  • Payment for the ticket is done through the “railway wallet” feature in the App. After booking the ticket, the passenger will get ticket confirmation screen, which will contain limited information about the ticket.
  • The app, which is for both Android and Windows platforms, can be downloaded fromGoogle Play Store or Windows Store and used by the user.
  • The passenger has to use the ticket within an hour of booking the ticket as per the policy of suburban sections.
  • The  ticket will have distinct colour scheme everyday and it cannot be forwarded to another mobile.


  • More than one crore passenger travel daily in unreserved segment and railways uses 1200 metric ton paper every year for printing unreserved tickets.
  • hoping that the system will increase transparency and efficiency.

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