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Rajasthan: Maternity Assistance Scheme

To provide maternity assistance for proper nourishment and care of child and mother registered as construction worker Maternity Assistance scheme for construction workers has been launched by the Labour Department, Rajasthan Government.


  • Registration of the beneficiary is necessary 6 weeks prior from the delivery.
  • Incentive will be payable to a maximum of 2 deliveries.
  • Incentive will be payable only in the case of institutional delivery i.e. hospital maternity
  • Beneficiary’s age should not be less than 20 years at the time of delivery.
  • Incentive will not be payable in case of having two children already before registration.


Financial Assistance of Rs. 21,000 if baby girl born and Rs. 20,000 if baby boy born, will be provided to the women worker.

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