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Rajasthan: Micro Financing Scheme For Minorities

Under the Micro Financing Scheme, micro-credit is extended to the members of the Self Help Groups (SHGs), specially the minority women scattered in remote villages and urban slums who are not able to take advantage of the formal banking credit as well as the NMDFC programmes, through its SCAs. It is an informal loan scheme which ensures quick delivery of loan at the door steps of the beneficiaries.


The scheme requires that the beneficiaries are organized into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and get into habit of Thrift & credit, however small.


  • Small loans up to a maximum of Rs. 50,000 per member of SHG are provided through the NGOs/SCAs.
  • Funds are given to the NGOs /SCAs at an interest rate of 1%, which further on-lend to the SHGs, at an interest rate not more than 6% per annum.

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