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Register Yourself for FAME Scheme and Get incentive for use of Electric Vehicle Technology

Technology advancement in automotive industry has revolutionized the world. In this system, hybrid and electric vehicle has put a gear on the top competing with petrol and diesel vehicle. Seeing the benefits, the Government of India approved the National Mission on Electric Mobility and formulated the FAME Scheme (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles in India).

The overall period of this scheme is for 6 years which intended to support market development and its manufacturing eco-system to achieve self-sustenance.


To promote technology and market for hybrid and electric vehicle


  • Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM’s)
  • Dealers
  • Vehicle Testing Centres
  • National Automotive Board


  • The scheme has four focus areas-


Component of the scheme


2015-16 2016-17
Technology Platform Rs.70 Crore Rs. 120 Crore
Demand Incentives Rs. 155 Crore Rs. 340 Crore
Charging Infrastructure Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 20 Crore
Pilot Projects Rs. 20 Crore Rs. 50 Crore
IEC/ Operations Rs.05 Crore Rs.05 Crore
Total Rs. 260 Crore Rs. 535 Crore

Grand Total                                                              Rs. 795 Crore

  • Demand incentive is available for manufacturers and also end to end customers.

How to Apply:

  • Registration for OEM’s and Vehicle Models as per Annexure 1.
  • Pre-register the xEV models for which they intend to avail the demand incentives under Annexture 2.
  • OEM to send hard copy to –



Room No- 117,Udyog Bhawan

New Delhi-110001


For more info and application form: Click Here

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