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Revamp in Service Conditions of Government Officials

  • The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has, recently, defined to compulsory retire government officials whose track record is not satisfactory and efficiency levels are below standards.
  • A four page note circulated recently to all the departments stating that all those officials whose integrity and reputation is doubtful are no longer useful in public administration and should compulsory retire.
  • As per rule FR56(J) which is seldom enforced clearly states that the performance of group A and B officials, and junior officials to be reviewed six months before attaining 50 and 55 years of age , respectively.
  • If their performance or track record found guilty they should be retired compulsorily. Several supreme court judgments are also supporting the above said rule.
  • For strict enforcement of the rule to provide a clean govern ace, Government has reconstituted   review committees to review the performance of the officials.
  • Secretary of the concerned department will head a review committee in case of ACC appointees while in case of senior appointees in boards like CBDT and CBEC, the review committee will be headed by the Chairman of such Board. An additional secretary or joint secretary will head review committees in cases of junior officials
  • If integrity is involved in case of any official, Central Vigilance Officer will be a part in the committee


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