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Rurban Scheme: Gujarat Government

As the name suggests this scheme is launched for development of rural area on the basis of urban development. The prime motive is to connect the urban areas with the rural areas so as to increase connectivity and accessibility. This is a measure to make the villages more advanced and enhance their development. The key objective of state government for this scheme are:

  • Bridge the rural – urban divide and achieve balanced socio – economic development
  • Reduce migration from rural to urban areas due to lack of basic services.
  • Improve standard of living in the Rurban areas.
  • Create livelihood/employment opportunities in Rurban areas
  • Improve the quality of services such as basic infrastructure, amenities and facilities
  • Reduce pressure on existing urban areas
  • Efficient mass transportation system to improve connectivity between urban & rural areas which can reduce commuting time & help in reducing migration
  • Improved Physical & Electronic Connectivity (Roads, Transport & Telecommunication)

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