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Sagar Mala – A chain around the neck of Bharat Mata

  • The Government has set up Sagarmala Apex Committee for modernization and setting up of ports and islands
  • The committee estimated a total investment of Rs.70000crores, majority of the investment comes from government but a portion of it under PPP( Public and Private Partnership).
  • Under the project government plans to develop 30 major ports with total out lay of Rs. 14226crores.
  • Basing on International Consultant Company report  committee has identified 104 ports for development and four new sites in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and west Bengal, for development of new ports.
  • Indian Port Rail corporation will be set up to connect all the ports with other states. This will save Rs.40000crores per annum in transportation of goods in imports as well as in exports.
  • Inland waterways will be developed connecting all ports, under this project.
  • A Special economic zone at JNPT( Jawaharlal Nehru Port trust, Mumbai) will be set up along with 14 other economic zone. Free warehousing zones will be set up at Cochin and Ennore.
  • The states located on the coast, will set up maritime boards as suggested by shipping ministry. For recycling of vehicles older than 10 years, a special scheme will be announced to procure them by paying Rs.1.50lacs as incentive to the owners, and eight automobile industrial zones will be set up at these ports for recycling of old vehicles.

Source:Economic Times

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  1. It will give business boost in that area.

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