Woman Entrepreneur? Get Loan upto ₹ 50 lakh from SBI Loan Scheme

The central government defines women entrepreneurs based on their participation in equity and employment of a business enterprise.  According to a recently conducted Global Entrepreneurialism Report by international bank BNP Paribas, women entrepreneurs are rising in the country.  The survey which was conducted among 2,500 entrepreneurs across 17 markets in US, Europe, Middle East and Asia found out that 49% entrepreneurs from the country are women, which makes India the best country in the world for women entrepreneurship. Thus, to support women entrepreneurs, the central government and commercial banks provide various benefits through different schemes. Stree Shakti Package is one such scheme run by the State Bank of India (SBI), which supports women entrepreneurship by providing concessions.


Main agenda is to provide assistance to encourage women entrepreneurship in the country.


  • Individuals/partnership firms/Limited Companies/Trusts which are managed by Woman entrepreneurs.
  • Women entrepreneurs who have undergone EDP (Entrepreneurship Development Programme) conducted by State Level Agencies co-sponsored/sponsored by bank are eligible.
  • An enterprise must have more than 50% of its shared capital owned by women entrepreneurs to qualify for the scheme.

Financial Assistance:

Sector wise assistance is given below:

For Retail Traders

Category wise maximum slab in ₹ Margin concession* 
Over 5,000/- up to 25000/- NIL
Over 25,000/- up to 1lakh 5%

For Business Enterprises

Category wise maximum slab in ₹ Margin concession
Up to ₹25,000/- NIL
Over ₹25,000/- 5%

For SSI (Small Scale Industries)

Category wise maximum slab in ₹ Margin concession
Up to ₹25,000/- NIL
Over ₹25,000/- 5%

For Professionals and Self-employed women

Category wise maximum slab in ₹ Margin concession
Up to ₹25,000/- NIL
Over ₹25,000/- 5%

*Margin concession here stands for interest rate.

Interest concessions

  • No interest concession for SSI units those getting loans over ₹25,000/- but up to ₹2 lakh
  • For loans above ₹2 lakh and up to ₹50 lakh, applicable interest rate is 0.5%
  • For Small Business enterprises under the scheme, interest rate is 0.50% than the applicable rate
  • For advances  to professionals and self employed persons interest rate lower by 0.50% than the applicable rate
  • No interest concession to advances granted to private retail traders

How to apply?

Visit your nearest SBI branch to avail for loan under this scheme

For assistance Contact Us

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  2. Nice scheme for women

  3. Shilpashree gavaskar

    I ve a distributions business so I already have a od for d limit more than 50lakhs.. But I want to go to this scheme cz the percntage is too low..wt bank charges around 12%pa.So can I get d details of d loan to apply.. Am I eligible..I’ve done EDP COURSE

  4. i want to start a beauty salon in south delhi for which i need 20 lacs as starting capital . can i get the details for the same. please let me know if there is a facility of providing loans to women entrepreneurs without any collateral security.

  5. I am running an aquarium shop from last 5 years in guwahati assam. now I want to take a loan for expand my business, which type of government schemes women loan I may apply and from which bank. my husband working in Railway group D job.

  6. I want to start my own business.. I complited my MBA recently.. I was worked in the market last 6 year.. I want to open a home decore shopping area and this retail and manufacture based… Please tell me which type of loan help for my plan..

  7. . I want to strengthen the women power and stop migration… but I’m economically poor.. I belongs to rural area.. may I get this loan for small scale industry.. likes bricks making.. dona pattal making & papad, pickel making…
    Please Suggest & guide me..
    Nanita khunte

  8. This scheme work in this days also…

  9. I am a student from vadodara , my mother want to open a SSI for food industry,but not yet registered for a legal entity so could my mother is eligible to get loan before establishing a legal entity

  10. Loan for women ka rate of interest bataye. And subsidyke bare me bataine

  11. Details of rate of interest and subsidy

  12. I have already started a firm it is realted for medical field we are making c- arm as refurbish as we economical poor , we require financial help to start a small factory and make brand new c-arm with certification,it’s may dream to make factory,if I get loan upto 50 lakh it will be fulfilled .

  13. I want 5 lakes for my won businesses can I get this

  14. Required a business loan max to max 200000
    For staring a shop my contact no is 8700839365
    Plzz Consalt me soon

  15. Plzz check my esteblity

  16. I am part time teacher I want open a play school but don’t have money so please give loan for that school

  17. We want to start the small scale industry for nutritional supplements for special medical purposes. Can I get a loan up to 30 lakhs?

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