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Scheme for Grant to Released Prisoners: Goa

The scheme will offer follow-up and after care services to ex-prisoners selected on the basis of their thorough study and screening before release stage. A priority attention will be given to the weaker and the disadvantaged, especially among youth, Women and the aged. The key features of this scheme are enlisted below:


  • Identifying cases of institutionalized offenders who would need prolong protection and assistance in the community after their released.
  • Providing a linkage between prison treatment and community placement as an important aspect of the correctional process
  • Mobilizing resources for the reintegration of ex-prisoners with the community as self-reliant and dignified individuals.
  • Rendering shelter, care and guidance to such ex-prisoners as totally devoid of family support, economic security or personal resources to lead a law abiding life
  • Facilitating the treatment of special categories of offenders such as drug, addicts and mentally sick socially and economically exploited prisoners within the community
  • Generating and supporting voluntary action and public participation in the care treatment and rehabilitation of ex- prisoners.


The grant / assistance will be given to those prisoners who are just released from the prison but have not complete one year after the release from the prison.

  • The prisoner who is just released from the prison and whose possible total income is not above Rs. 12,000/+ from all sources per annum will be entitled to avail benefit under this Scheme.
  • Preferential Treatment will be given to those prisoners who have successfully learnt any trade/vocation in prison or those who have a special skill for any trade/vocation Job.
  • All the scheme of Rural Development Agency will be applicable
  • For those above poverty line, loan will have to be arranged from the Bank and subsidy will be given by the department.
  • Educational: If a bread winner of the family is imprisoned for a term of year or more then maximum Rs. 50/- per annum per school going dependent child will be given to cover various expenses.
  • Illness/ Accidents/Maternity Cases: Provided that if the bread winner is imprisoned for a term of one year or more and if there is no any other sources of income for the family, then maximum Rs.500/- will be released to cover the expenses against medicines.
  • Small Industries/trade/vocation/business: Under this , a loan through Banks to maximum Rs. 15,000/- for construction of a room/ shed for starting his small Industries/trade/vocation or business and up to maximum Rs. 5,000/- for purchasing tools/equipment etc. 25% of the total amount will be subsidy arranged by the Social Welfare Department and 75% will be arranged through commercial Bank.

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