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Scheme for IT Mass Literacy (NDLM)

The main aim of the programme is to provide IT training to 10 lakh persons in every eligible household in selected blocks in each State/UT relevant to the need of the trainee, which would enable the beneficiaries to use IT and related applications to participate effectively in the democratic process and enhance their livelihood.


  • To make a person IT Literate, so that he can operate a computer/ Digital access devices (like tablets, etc), send and receive e-mails and search internet for information, etc.
  • Besides IT literacy at a higher level, the citizen would also be trained to effectively access the various e-governance services being offered to the citizen by the Government and others.

Levels of IT Literacy Training:

It is proposed to impart IT Literacy training to the persons at either of the two levels of courses (Level 1 or Level 2) depending on the entry criteria as follows:

Level L1 L2
Entry Criteria Non IT literate – Illiterate and upto 7th standard passed Non IT literate – Illiterate and upto 8th standard passed
Exit Criteria The prospective candidate will be eliterate. Able to use computers and search internet for information, send & receive e-mails, etc, Besides the ability to use and operate computer, the candidate would be able to access the e-Governance Services also.


Implementing Agency:

The scheme will be implemented by CSC e-Governance Services India Limited, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated under the Companies Act 1956, (herein after referred to as ‘CSC-SPV’) with active collaboration of all the State Governments and UT Administrations.


The Scheme would be implemented over a period of 18 months from the date of issue of Administrative Approval i.e. 04.3.2014.

Target Beneficiaries:

At least one block or more blocks in each States(s)/UT(s) would be selected  and one person from every eligible household would be trained in IT literacy relevant to their need. The target group would be in the age group of 14-60 years.

Training Fee:

  • Level 1 @Rs. 500/- per person
  • Level 2 @Rs.1,000/- per person

Certification cost: Level 1 & 2 @Rs. 100

Financial Assistance:

The partner agencies would be eligible for:

  • Assistance @ 75% of course fee for general category trainees (25% of the course fee to be borne by trainees)
  • Assistance @ 100% of course fee for SC/ST and BPL category trainees T
  • he training agencies would be provided with the assistance towards course fee as above by CSC-SPV subject to the number of trained persons being awarded certificate by the certifying agency.
  • 100% Certification cost for 10 lakh persons shall be provided to certifying agency (including candidates trained by Industry, NGO’s and others)
  • State Government/UT’s identified Implementing Agencies shall be provided with an assistance @ 5 % of the cost of persons made IT literate towards overhead cost and monitoring the scheme in their State/UT

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