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Scheme for Revival Of Sick Small Scale Industries of Madhya Pradesh

Object : To revive all viable small scale industries  and other industries which are beyond the scope of BIFR this scheme is launched by the state government of Madhya Pradesh.

Name of the Scheme: Madhya Pradesh Small Scale Industries Revival Scheme(MPSSIRS)


  1. Sales tax  in default can be paid by the unit either in 36 monthly installments or 12 earlier dues in one stroke without interest or penalty.
  2. Minimum charges payable during the  closure period of the unit will be waived to a maximum of Rs. 1lac but no refund will be given if minimum charges are already paid.
  3. For restoration of power connection in case disconnected, no security deposit will be insisted up on and additional service charges payable for reconnection up top Rs.25000 can be waived.
  4. The actual power bill charges which are in default can be cleared in 6 half yearly installments fro the date of sanction of revival package.
  5. The unit will be provided with as additional term loan for revival with interest subsidy as per the rules existing at the time of approval of package.
  6. The viable sick unit will be treated on par with the new units in all aspects in granting financial assistance including State capital  Investment Subsidy as per eligibility.
  7. All the incentives allowed earlier  will be continued on revival also till the expiry of eligible period.

In addition to the above the unit will be exempted from stamp duty on all the agreements to be entered on sanction of revival.


A manufacturing unit with an investment of Rs.5.00lakhs and above , and  will be in a position to repay all its dues to the government, electricity department,  financial institutions etc.,  after implementation of revival package.

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