Scheme for Sustainable Fish Stock Enhancement and Livelihood Improvement of Fishermen in Vellayani Lake


To enhance the livelihood of fisherman and to increase the fish productivity of the lake through protection, conservation and by creating ownership feel in a participatory manner

About the project:-

This project has been formulated under the “Eco-restoration of wetlands’ programme of the State Government Plan. It is a 3 year project with assessed cost of Rs.67 Lakhs.

The project targets at improving the output of  lake, by sustainable practice of fisheries so as to  improve the livelihood of the lake dependent fishermen. Activities under this project include

  1.  Routine assessment of the primary productivity and water quality of the Lake
  2.  Introduction of scientific and sustainable culture, harvest and conservation of fish resources with appropriate training to the fishermen in all aspects.
  3.  Awareness creation activities to fishermen on the potential of fishery in the lake,
  4.  Training them on several aspects of scientific fish culture, collection and rearing of the native species  and releasing the large size fishes into the Lake, continuous monitoring of the feeding habits, growth etc


  • Species variety and quantum to be released into the lake will be decided based on the ‘vacant niche concept’ and carrying capacity/production potential of the lake so that the introduced species in no way affects the domicile species.
  • Regular assessment of the catch data will be released
  • The physico-chemical & biological parameters of the Lake will be documented to train the fishermen society in order to scientifically manage the lake fisheries based on these documented data in future.

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