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Scheme for The Award Of Fellowship To Outstanding Persons in The Field Of Culture


A review of Government efforts in the fields of creative arts revealed that while academicians, scientists had scope for independent work both in an institutional frame-work through fellowships instituted by the University Grants Commission, Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, there was no scheme which provides similar facilities and opportunities in the fields of creative arts or for revival of some of our traditional forms of art. A milieu of freedom supported by financial security could perhaps provide the much needed congeniality of atmosphere for further works in this field. It is also observed that although there are schemes to cover the age group of 10-14 years (Cultural Talent Search Scholarships Scheme) and the age group of 18-25 years (Scheme of Scholarships for Young Artistes in Different Cultural Fields), there were no schemes which would provide the basic financial support either for very advanced training or individual creative effort for revival of some of our traditional forms of arts. The scheme of awarding fellowships to outstanding persons in various creative fields of culture is intended to fill this gap. The scheme would also cover artistes in rural/tribal areas.

The fellowships are awarded for undertaking research oriented projects. The applicant should provide evidence of his/her capabilities in undertaking the project.

The Fellowships are not intended for providing training, conducting workshops, seminars or documenting memoirs/or writing autobiographies, fiction, etc.


  1. Senior/Junior Fellowships in the Field of Performing, Literary and Plastic Arts.
  • Performing Arts ( Music/Dance/Theatre/Folk Traditional & Indigenous Arts including Puppetry)
  • Literary Arts (Travelogue/History & Theory of Literature)
  • Plastic Arts (Graphics/Sculpture/Painting including Folk Paintings and Research Work on Traditional Paintings/Creative Photography)
  1. Senior/Junior Fellowships in the New Areas related to Culture.

In the ‘New Areas related to culture’, projects are sought in the following fields :

  • Indology
  • Epigraphy
  • Sociology of Culture
  • Cultural Economics
  • Structural and Engineering Aspects of Monuments
  • Numismatics
  • Scientific and Technical aspects of Conservation
  • Management aspects of Art and Heritage
  • Studies relating to application of Science and technology in areas related to culture and creativity.

The objective is to encourage analytical application of new research techniques, technological and management principles to contemporary issues in areas related to art and culture. General and theoretical macro-studies will not be considered. The proposal should be innovative and application oriented and preferably inter-disciplinary in nature.

Number of fellowships:

The number of fellowships will be up to 400 each year. These are of two types, namely, senior and junior fellowship. The number of senior fellowships will be 200 of the value of Rs.20,000/- each per month for the artistes in the age group of above 40 years. The Number of junior fellowships will be 200 and these will be of the value of Rs.10,000/- each per month for the artistes in the age group of 25-40 years. Age will be reckoned as on 1st April of the year.

Publishing Grant:

In addition, there could be a one time grant up to maximum of Rs. 20,000/- or 50% of the cost of the publication, whichever is less, for publication of selected Project documents. This will be restricted to 20% of the awardees.


  • Applicant for senior Fellowship should not be the recipient of pension from Ministry of Culture under the scheme for grant of financial assistance to artistes in indigent circumstances.
  • An applicant should not have availed of the same fellowship earlier. However an applicant who had been awarded a Junior Fellowship can apply for a Senior Fellowship, provided 5 years have elapsed after the closure of the earlier project.
  • Graduation is the minimum educational qualification for applicants in the fields/areas.


  • Applicants who are employed will have to apply through the proper channel.
  • Under the Senior and Junior Fellowships, the awardees will submit a six-monthly progress report. In cases where such reports are not received timely, the Ministry may withhold further releases of the Fellowship amount.
  • The selected candidates will have to undertake akademic or application oriented research work on projects for which they have been awarded the Fellowship. They will complete their Projects within two years and submit the same to the Ministry. Extension of time by maximum three months will be permissible without any additional financial liability to the Government.

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