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Scheme of Building Grants, Including Studio Theatres

Objective: The objective of the Scheme is to support voluntary cultural organizations and government-aided cultural organizations in their efforts to create appropriately equipped training, rehearsal and performance spaces for artistes.

Eligible Projects:

  1. Conventional Cultural Spaces for Performing Arts
  2. Flexible Spaces, i.e., Studio Theatres, etc.: Non-proscenium rehearsal-cum-performance spaces, referred to as Studio Theatre or Experimental Theatre, that are characterized by the following special features
  3. A project proposal to create an auditorium, a studio theatre or other cultural space(s) may include an appropriate combination of any of the following components

Eligible Organizations:

The scheme covers:

  1. All not-for-profit organizations that fulfill the following criteria:-
  • The organization has a predominantly cultural profile, working primarily for the promotion of arts and culture in fields such as dance, drama, theatre, music, fine arts, indology and literature at least for a period of three years.
  • The organization is registered as a society under the Registration of Societies Act (XXI of 1860) or similar Acts, or as a Trust or as a Not-for-Profit Company, at least for a period of three years.
  • The organization is well established and known to be doing meaningful work in the field of its activity and has gained a local, regional or national identity.
  • Its charter is devoted to the preservation, propagation and promotion of Indian arts and culture.
  1. Government-sponsored bodies for promoting the performing arts.
  2. University Departments or Centres dedicated to the performing arts.
  3. Colleges set up to promote the performing arts.


  • Maximum assistance under the scheme will be as under:
Cities Type of Project Limit of Assistance
Bangalore Projects involving new construction or purchase of built up space Rs. 50 lakhs
Hyderabad All other projects Rs. 25 lakhs
All non-Metro cities, towns or places All projects Rs. 25 lakhs
  • Assistance under the scheme to an organization will be restricted to a maximum of 60% of the approved estimated project cost, subject to the ceilings given above.
  • The validity of sanction of financial assistance will be 3 years from the date of release of the 1st instalment and all projects must be completed within this 3-year period.

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