Scheme to Strengthen Rural Haats

Name of the scheme: Scheme for strengthening of Rural Haats- Financing through Panchayat Raj Institutions (PRIs)

Purpose:  The scheme envisages PRIs like Grama or Taluk panchayats to develop a new rural haat or improve an existing rural haat in their jurisdiction on pieces of land clearly owned or being transferred to them for the said development.

Financial assistance:

  • Assistance of a maximum of Rs. 5 lakh in the form of a grant is provided to meet the cost of infrastructure / amenities in the haat like open retail platforms, open shelter against sun and rain over these platforms, power, drinking water and sanitation facilities and fencing of the premises.
  • Assistance is provided to cover 90% of the total estimated expenses, balance being met by the concerned PR institution.

Details of the scheme:

  • The clearance for the Panchayat’s proposal from higher PR authorities including the enabling provision in the PR Act is compulsory.
  • Panchayat can mobilise additional sources for its proposals from Zilla Panchayat, State Government etc.
  • An important criteria for extending the assistance from NABARD is that the land owned and proposed to be developed by the concerned Panchayat as a new Rural Haat should atleast be 1000 Sq. m in area. For improving an existing rural haat, the said criterion is not insisted upon.

Release of the grant:

The release of the assistance will be in installments based on progress of the work and the verification of the same by NABARD.

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