Sell Onion as Paste or Powder


  • Food Processing Minister Harsimrat Singh Badal suggested processing of onions and selling in form of powder or paste by dehydrating onions.
  • He says that onion prices follow a cyclical pattern and are rise during monsoons.
  • He also said that by processing of vegetables wastage of thousands of crores can be reduced.
  • At Lasalgaon in Maharashtra, Asia’s biggest onion market, wholesale onion prices touched Rs 57 per kg and selling around Rs 80 per kg in retail markets.
  • Subsidy of Rs 1 crore per acre will be given by government.
  • Training will be provided to farmers and entrepreneurs for converting onions into dried form and also in the form of flakes and powder by Ludhiana-based Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET).


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