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Setting up of Terminal Market Complex

The scheme of Terminal Markets Complex (TMC) have been conceptualized and introduced as a new item under NHM, which may be implemented in a Public Private Partnership (PPP) mode. The Terminal Market Complex Project is conceptualised to be of higher investment with more linkages to collection centres and is different from Wholesale Market. The entrepreneur for the TMC will be finalised through a transparent bidding process.

The Terminal Market Project Complex (TMC) would endeavour to integrate farm production with buyers by offering multiple choices to farmers for sale of produce such as electronic auctioning and facility for direct sale to exporter, processor and retail chain network under a single roof. In addition, the market would provide storage infrastructure thus offering the choice to trade at a future date to the participants.


  • Link farmers to markets by shortening supply chain of perishables and enhance their efficiency and increase in farmers income;
  • Provide professionally managed competitive alternative marketing structures with state of art technology, that provide multiple choices to farmers for sale of their agricultural produce;
  • Drive reforms in agricultural marketing sector resulting in accelerated development of marketing and post harvest infrastructure including cool chain infrastructure in the country, through private sector investment;
  • Bring transparency in market transactions and price fixation for agricultural produce and through provision of backward linkages to enable farmers to realise higher price and higher income.


Terminal Market Complex project would be built, owned and operated by the selected Private Enterprise (PE) through Competitive Bidding process. PE includes individual or consortium, Group of Farmers/Growers/Consumers/ Producer Organisations/Producer Company, Partnership/ Proprietary firms, Companies, Marketing Boards, Public Sector Undertaking, Co-operatives, registered NGOs empanelled with GOI/State Govt./Planning Commission, recognised Self Help Groups under the schemes of GOI/State Govts. and other registered bodies engaged in production and trading of agricultural produce. The PE could also be a consortium of entrepreneurs from, inter-alia, agri-business, cold chain, logistics, warehousing, agri-infrastructure and related background.


The commodities to be marketed by the TMC will include all perishables, inter-alia, fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, aromatics, herbs, medicinal plants, meat products, poultry products, dairy products, fish and marine products etc. Non-perishables can also be handled in the TMC. However, the annual throughput for perishable horticultural produce such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, medicinal plants, aromatics, herbs etc handled by each TMC should not be less than 70% of the throughput capacity of the TMC. In addition to this, each TMC shall be allowed to handle other perishable products (other than horticultural produce such as milk, dairy, poultry, meat, fish and marine products etc) and Non-Perishable products. Volume of other perishable products (other than horticultural produce) and Non-Perishable products shall not exceed 30% of throughput capacity of TMC.

Subsidy Availability for Bidding:

  • A floor subsidy of 25% of respective project cost is offered to private entrepreneurs to bid for setting up Terminal Market Complex. In the competitive bidding, all bidders will be eligible to quote additional bid subsidy from 25% up to 40% of their respective project cost.
  • Maximum subsidy will be INR 50 Cores. For the purpose of calculation of subsidy, the unit cost ceiling shall be Rs 150.00 crore.

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