Short Take Off and Arrestor Recovery operation of MiG-29K fighter jet

  • At the Naval Air Station INS Hansa in Goa MiG-29K fighter jet demonstrated a Short take off and Arrestor Recovery operation
  • It replicates all the features of aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya and acts as a simulator for MiG 29K pilots
  • The MiG-29K is appended the Zhuk-ME radar, RD-33MK engine, a combat payload up to 5,500 kg, 13 weapon stations, and updated 4-channel digital fly-by-wire flight control system, airframe and undercarriage so that its suits for Indian Requirements.
  • The MiG-29K has a combination of low-observable technology, advanced electronic-warfare capabilities, reduced ballistic vulnerability, and standoff weapons to enhance the fighter’s survivability

Source: Defence News

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