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Social Security and Welfare Schemes: Uttarakhand

State government of Uttarakhand operates various schemes for the social welfare of the residents of state. These schemes are implemented by the Social Welfare Department of Uttarakhand. The Key features and schemes are enlisted below:

  1. Management of Destitute and Old Age Homes:

For old aged and incapable people, two old age homes are under operation in Bageshwar and Chamoli where People of age more than 60 live. Capacity of old age homes is 50 persons each. The old age home provides free food, accommodation, medicines and other facilities.

  1. State Monastic House:

One monastic house is being run by the state government in Haridwar which constrains 200 Monists.

  1. Last Rites of Death of Destitute People:

State Government spends Rs. 500 per person for the last rites of destitute people.

  1. Financial Assistance to Kashmiri Migrants:

Kashmiri Migrants are given Rs. 1125 every month for the sustenance of Kashmir Migrants in Dehradun.

  1. Old Age Farmers Pension Scheme:

For the sustenance of old age farmers who are not dependent on others are given pension under this scheme. Those farmers are eligible whose age is above 60 years and are lying below poverty line are covered under this scheme. Pension is provided to the farmers for self-dependency and betterment.

  1. Grant for marriage of Daughters of Destitute Widows:

Those destitute widows which are given pension are eligible for this scheme. A grant of 10,000 Rs. is provided to the family for marriage.

  1. Inter-Caste/Inter-Religion Marriages Incentive Scheme:

State Government encourages the marriage in other caste by providing incentives to the couples of Inter-Caste Marriage. Rs. 10,000 is given to the couple as one-time grant.

  1. National Social Assistance Program:

These schemes are implemented by state government and are totally sponsored by the Central Government. Under this 4 Schemes are currently under operation which are enlisted below:

  1. Indira Gandhi National Old Age Pension Scheme:
    • Pension of Rs. 400 Per Month is given to the old age people of BPL families whose age is above 60 Years.
    • Pension of Rs. 800 Per Month is given to the old age people of BPL families whose age is above 80 Years.
  2. Indira Gandhi National Disabled Pension Scheme:
    • Under this scheme, Rs. 800 Per Month is given to the disabled people of age group 18-79 years. The disabled person should be a member of BPL family and should have 80% Disability.
  3. Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme:
    • In this scheme pension of Rs. 800 Per Month is given to the widows of BPL Families in the age group of 40-79 years.
  4. National Family Welfare Scheme:
    • Under this scheme one-time assistance of Rs. 10,000 is given to the BPL family of monthly income Rs. 1000 on death of only bread winner.

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  1. Each and every money allotted by the government under different schemes must be published every quarter or semester in local print media. This will help to bring the transparency in the gove systems. Till this is not done its all useless saying that govt has spent so much money etc.

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