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Solar Generation In India Grows 87% Y/Y In Q2 2017

Sep 14 (Renewables Now) – Solar power plants in India had a combined output of 5.5 billion kWh in the second quarter, marking an 87% year-on-year increase, data by the Central Electricity Authority (CEA) shows.

The improved generation was a result of the increased number of photovoltaic (PV) facilities that came online during the period, consultancy Mercom Capital Group said. Overall, solar accounted for 1.64% of India’s total power production and was equal to 21.2% of the country’s renewables power generation.

The table below gives more details about India’s renewable energy generation in April-June 2017 and the comparative period of 2016.

Source Q2 2017 /billion kWh/ Q2 2016 /billion kWh/
Wind 15.8 12.2
Solar  5.5 2.9
Biomass 1 1
Hydropower 1.7 1.8

India’s solar parks produced 9.7 billion kWh of electricity in the the first half of 2017, or 86% more than in the year-ago period.

In its Q2 2017 India Solar Market Update, released in August, Mercom said that India added 1,869 MW of fresh solar capacity in the second quarter and 4,765 MW in January-June. The consultancy expects the Asian country to add 10,500 MW solar capacity this year but previously said it might significantly downgrade its projections if India decides to impose anti-dumping duties against solar cell imports from China, Taiwan and Malaysia.

At present, India has about 12,200 MW of utility-scale solar parks under construction and about 6,300 MW of capacity pending to be auctioned.

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