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DD channel for start-ups

  Government proposes to start a channel within the DD bouquet of channels exclusively for start-ups. The channel will serve as a platform for promoting start-ups, discussing issues affecting their growth, matchmaking with venture capitalists and funding and tax planning.  Channel will be designed and executed by start-ups themselves. The ...

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Want to start new business? Opt for Gujarat!

Start-ups are one of the most important sectors where different innovative ideas boost entrepreneurship. India is also focusing extensively on startups with various profitable central and state government schemes and initiatives to enhance entrepreneurial ideas to further economic growth. The state of Gujarat has been a pioneer in economic development ...

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New Startup Policy in Karnataka

To accelerate the growth of business eco-system, Karnataka has decided to come up with a more comprehensive startup policy. The main agenda is to make sure that Bangalore leads as the most preferred destinations for startups. Simultaneously, this new policy will develop other important cities as startup destinations on par ...

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