Tamil Nadu government’s two-wheeler subsidy scheme

The Tamil Nadu government’s two-wheeler subsidy for working women is sending many women to the driving schools in the State. Driving schools say the enrolment has indeed increased in the last one month.

400 applications/day

The State government announced the two-wheeler subsidy scheme for working women last month. Through the Amma Two-Wheeler Scheme, the government will extend 50 per cent subsidy or 25,000, whichever is lower, for the purchase of a moped or less than 126-cc automatic scooter of the candidate’s choice.

Since the announcement of the scheme, Regional Transport Offices (RTO) across the State saw huge applications for LLR from women individually and through driving schools. According to a source from South Tamil Nadu, an RTO saw an average of 400 applications a day till a week before February 5. The women are mostly domestic-helps from self-help groups or work in small shops in remote areas.

“For them, driving a two-wheeler will help cut down the distance and time they spend in waiting for bus,” the source added.

Sankar N, who has been running a driving school for the last 20 years in Chennai, said his school has seen enrolment of at least 20 women since the announcement of the scheme in January. He said: “This is good considering only two or three people learn two-wheeler driving at any point in time.” “But, the 20 people who had enrolled were for LLR and probably not for the entire course since the cost is less,” he said. “Though applying for LLR is fairly easy in the online portal, not all has access to apply online and so come to us for convenience,” Sekar added. The driving school charges 500 for an LLR.

Source: Business Line

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