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Telangana: DPAP And DDP Schemes

In Telangana, the Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP) and Desert Development Programme (DDP) are being implemented by the Department of Rural Development in 7 districts. Watershed programme under these schemes aims at treating degraded lands with the help of low costs and locally accessed technologies such as in-situ soil & moisture conservation, afforestation etc by involving village communities in the implementation of watershed programme under DPAP and DDP to promote overall development of poorer sections of people inhabiting in the programme areas.


  • Checking of land degradation
  • Sustainable and increased productivity of land
  • Beneficiary and people participation in implementation of the program


  • Development of water harvesting structures such as low cost farm ponds, nalla bunds, Check dams, Percolation tanks and groundwater recharge measures to conserve and allow percolation of water.
  • Desilting of village tanks for drinking/Irrigation/Fisheries development
  • Afforestation including block plantations, Agro-forestry and Horticulture development, Pasture development.
  • Land development including in-situ soil and moisture conservation measures like contour and graded bunds, nursery raising for fodder, timber, fuel wood, horticulture and non-timber forest product species
  • Drainage line treatment with a combination of vegetative and engineering structures
  • Crop demonstrations for popularizing new crops/varieties
  • Repair, restoration and up-gradation of existing common property assets and structures in the watershed to obtain optimum and sustained benefits from previous public investments.
  • Promotion and propagation of non-conventional energy saving devices, energy conservation measures, Bio-fuel plantations.


  1. Developing degraded land
  2. Overall socio-economic development of poor/disadvantage section
  3. Mitigating Drought condition
  4. Employment generation and poverty alleviation

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