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Telangana signs up with Centre for ‘Power for All’

Telangana has become the sixth State in the country to sign up for ‘Power for All’ scheme.

  • Under the scheme, an investment of Rs 18,983 crore and Rs 23,817 crore has been planned for 2018-19 for strengthening and augmenting transmission and distribution network respectively in the State.
  • In addition to strengthening the network and massive capacity expansion programme of the State government, emphasis will also be laid on sustainability through capacity addition by solar and wind power and energy efficiency measures.

About the scheme:

  • `Power for All’ is a joint initiative of the Centre in collaboration with State governments for supply of quality and reliable 24 x 7 power to agricultural, industrial and domestic consumers.
  • The scheme is aimed at addressing all the key aspects and activities to be undertaken across generation, transmission and distribution, including achieving 100% household electrification.

Source : The Hindu

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